Registration Instructions for Aiways After Sales Technical Information System (TIS)

Instructions for User Registration

The technical customer service information about the Aiways models sold on the European market published on the website of the Aiways Technical Information Service System is provided free of charge during limited time by Aiways Automobile Europe GmbH on the basis of the user access rights applicable at this stage. However, Aiways Automobile Europe GmbH reserves the right to charge appropriate access policy at any time in the future in order to keep the provision of this service in accordance to EU regulation.

Download the registration form

Fill in the registration form

Send email with the registration form to Aiways

Obtain system username and password

Login TIS and view the information

  1. Please read the "Aiways TIS Terms and Conditions of Registration and Use for Independent Operators Employee" before registration. By creating an account, you agree and accepted the agreement from Aiways.
  2. Please download, fill in the "Aiways Technical Information System Registration Form" and send it by email to

    Aiways Technical Information System Registration Form
  3. AIWAYS will set up an account and password for login within 2 business days according to the information provided in the registration form, and notify the username and password by email after verifying the information in the registration form.
  4. Please input the username and password to access TIS website on following address: