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Owner Manual

Download Aiways U5 User Manual (PDF)


Download Aiways U6 User Manual (PDF)


Aiways App

With the Aiways App, your smartphone becomes the direct link to your Aiways. Easily monitor and control your vehicle at any time and from anywhere. Discover all the key functions at a glance:

Vehicle status monitoring

– Check your charging level and driving range
– Monitor the charging status and progress in real time
– View the current lock status of the doors and windows

Remote vehicle control

– Lock and unlock your vehicle remotely
– Open and close the doors, windows and tailgate
– Easily locate your vehicle using the flash lights or whistle function
– Start your vehicle with your smartphone

Vehicle climate control

– Check the current temperature of your vehicle and activate the A/C remotely
– Easily schedule the activation of the A/C to reach the desired temperature

Invite guest users

– Allow other users such as family, friends or colleagues to use your vehicle from their smartphone

Explore more

– Play our video tutorials to discover more about your Aiways vehicle
– Access the full content of your vehicle user manual

– The Aiways App and connected services only work with Aiways vehicles that are equipped with the required vehicle connectivity module.
– The use of the Aiways App requires the registration of a personal Aiways App account and the pairing to your vehicle.
– The functions can be restricted temporarily if there is insufficient data transmission bandwidth.

Any other questions?

When will the Aiways U5 be launched in other countries?

We are currently working intensively on expanding in other EU countries. Subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on our social media channels to be always up to date and to be the first to find out about the latest news.

How much does the Aiways U5 cost?

The price of the Aiways U5 depends on local market conditions, such as subsidies, taxes, etc. Therefore, please refer to our country pages for the current local prices.

Are any government subsidies available for the Aiways U5?

Electric cars, such as the Aiways U5, help protect the environment – and reduce both noise and harmful emissions. For this reason, the U5 is for example in Germany eligible for an environmental bonus of up to €9,480 (incl. VAT). The subsidies are tied to different conditions and differ from country to country. For this reason, please inform yourself in your country about local subsidies and any conditions attached to them.

What is the range of the Aiways U5 battery?

The Aiways U5 boasts an NEDC range of up to 503 km (WLTP: 400–410 km). The WLTP test standard was introduced to provide a more realistic consumption profile. In everyday conditions, the actual range of the vehicle may vary. This depends on various factors, particularly the outside temperature, the route profile, the driver's personal driving style, the use of other devices within the vehicle (heating/air conditioning) and thermal preconditioning. For electric vehicles, the differences between the various operating modes are considerable. Therefore, the range may be significantly higher on purely urban routes or on country roads, whereas it may be below the average WLTP range on faster motorway journeys.

What if my destination is located outside the range of the battery?

With a range of up to 410 km (WLTP), the Aiways U5 is extremely well equipped for spontaneous long-distance journeys. When planning your next long trip, use an app such as A Better Route Planner and enter your desired route (e.g. from Munich to Hamburg). Within just a few seconds, the app will calculate the optimum route, indicate charging stations and work out the charging time required. You can then stretch your legs whilst the vehicle is charging. Over time, you will learn how to plan your charging stops in line with your requirements.

Where can I find the technical specifications of the Aiways U5?

Please refer to the PDF price list for the technical specifications of the U5. You can download this document via the 'Find out more' link in the U5 configurator.

What charging options are available and how long does it take to charge the Aiways U5?

Conveniently charge your Aiways U5 via your household electricity supply. Whether at home, in the office or on holiday, you can charge your Aiways U5 at all standard 230V household power sockets thanks to the ICCB charging cable, which comes as standard (may vary depending on country specific conditions). The vehicle can usually be charged overnight if it has not been fully drained.

An even more convenient option is charging your Aiways U5 overnight with a wall unit, with up to 11 kW. Simply connect your vehicle to the wall unit using the type 2 charging cable for AC charging stations (cable also supplied as standard). This cable also allows you to use a wide range of public charging stations. Depending on the electricity provider, the power available at public charging stations, and therefore charging times, may vary. Here too, your U5 will normally be fully charged the next morning. The Aiways U5 is also perfectly equipped for long-distance journeys. In terms of public charging, Aiways provides its customers with access to a network of almost 500,000 charging stations worldwide. This network also includes numerous high-power (DC) charging stations on major transport routes across Europe. With maximum charging power of up to 90 kW, the U5 can, for example, be charged up from 20% to 80% in 35 minutes at these stations, thus restoring its energy to sufficient levels. As such, charging breaks on long-distance journeys in your Aiways U5 are even shorter than a coffee break, which you should take anyway.

What is the difference between alternating current (AC) charging, direct current (DC) charging and high-power charging (HPC)?

The main difference between alternating current (AC) charging, direct current (DC) charging and high-power charging (HPC) is the time it takes to charge the vehicle. Depending on the cable and charging station, charging electric vehicles with alternating current (AC) takes longer, whereas direct current (DC) is much faster.

How do I gain access to the public charging infrastructure?

Aiways leaves the choice of electricity supplier up to you. As such, you are free to charge with your preferred provider – in the same way you can choose your petrol station. This allows you to select the most convenient option.