The Aiways U6 concept

Its DNA: athletic, progressive, electric.

The first fully electric SUV coupe. From Aiways.

The Aiways U6 concept car breaks with old traditions and symbolises what is required from a fully electric sports SUV in the 21st century.
This SUV is defined by its coupe-esque contours, sporty driving dynamics and innovative technologies and advanced driver assistance systems.

Built on the same state-of-the-art platform as the U5, the U6 combines proven features such as unprecedented interior design quality, spaciousness and cutting-edge battery technology with progressive design and an even higher level of performance.

The power of electricity, harnessed.

The U6 is the epitome of electrifying sportiness. The interior of the U6 is tailored to the driver's needs and combines ergonomics and sportiness with sophisticated materials in a completely new way.

Dynamism, moulded into shape.

The U6 features sharp lines and powerful details.

It all starts with the sporty front with special air vents (air curtain), as well as 21" performance wheels in widened wheel housings.

The all-glass roof dome seamlessly merges into a coupe rear with integrated spoiler.

The entire body is made of lightweight materials to optimise consumption and also comes with recessed door handles. As such, the drag coefficient comes in at below 0.27, making the U6 the best in its class.

The signature L-shaped tail lamps form part of the LED lighting system, which is used for all headlamps.

Cyber meets space.

The U6 leaves nothing to be desired for anyone who leads an active lifestyle, as the interior is also geared towards quality and performance.

The dashboard, with its 7" instrument panel and a 14.6" multimedia system, is fully digitalised.

The leather sports seats are not only comfortable, but also provide the necessary support – even on the back seat.

Extra gadgets like an integrated electric scooter and a drone extend the fun beyond the vehicle.

The central feature, however, is the built-in voice assistant, which provides you with intelligent support throughout the journey.

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