Gumpert Nathalie
AIWAYS Technology
Smart car platform
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Designed for smart electric vehicles
A original design
modular-based platform
Diverse MAS Platform
MAS platform supports multi-profile spectrum development with the
same architecture,the wheelbase can be flexibly adjusted to meet the
horizontal and vertical modification of its auto body.
New Generation Integrated Electric Drive System
Integrated Electric Drive System
Highly integrated motor, reducer and electronic control system
Mastering the three core power control strategy.
High Energy
Density Battery
High-density energy battery pack with constant temperature control system
that increase battery life, coupled with a flexible energy supply (AI-Power) mode
brings you worry-free travel.
Super Structure
Upper steel and lower aluminum super structure.
The upper body adopts an ultra-high strength steel structure
while the lower platform uses aerospace-grade aluminum
on the low riveted by aerospace technology.
This super structure creates a lighter, stronger and safer auto body.
Supports L4 level autopilot
Full mode brake pedal sense adjustment
Faster brake response, 3 times faster than traditional systems
10% shorter braking distance
For situation abovementioned, energy recovery rate is close to 100%,
and the cruising range can be extended by 15%*
*Data from AIWAYS
Unique Endurance Energy Battery Pack
A unique life battery pack can be installed under the
trunk/backseats providing a variety of battery options
according to the user's needs.
Supports power superposition and increases mileage.
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