Gumpert Nathalie
AIWAYS Technology
RG Electric Sports Car with Racing Genes
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Experience genuine Speed of Germany
Built by chassis tuning master Roland Gumpert
World's first Electric Sports Car with Racing Genes
Handcrafted · Customized Limited Edition
Acceleration Performance of the Electric Beast
Pure Racing Genes
Independent all- wheel drive, vortex generator and electronic differential lock
Perfect combination of sports car aerodynamic design and pure electric drive dynamic which brings a superior driving experience.
Two-door Sport Car Modeling, Detailing Racing Genetics
The chassis, made using chrome molybdenum steel tubular design, ensures safety on par with any racing vehicle. The roll cage is firmly integrated and the carbon exterior-chassis's light weight provides even better track performance. 
Long Battery Life, Industry's Revolutionary Technology
The RG Fuel Cell works environmentally friendly with methanol to deliver a permanent power
that ensures enough energy for high speed and prolonged driving.
Intelligent Network , Internet of Vehicles with Sports Car Attributes
The unique sports car attributes of the Internet of Vehicles, including lap speed settings, racing atmosphere music packages
and other personality racing settings.
GUMPERT Master-level Chassis Tuning
Roland Gumpert master-level chassis tuning. Match advanced electronic wire-control technology.
Master Legend
AIWAYS Chief Product Officer and
General Manager of Gumpert AIWAYS Automobile GmbH
(AIWAYS German subsidiary office)
Roland Gumpert: Master-level chassis tuning. Create the racing car brand Gumpert, refresh the lap record of Nordschleife track.
Join AIWAYS in creating the legend of new energy vehicle evolution with the RG track-class electric sports car.
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